Monchique: Hidden Facts for Tourists

monchiqueMonchique is a small village in Portugal situated between the Algarve and Alentejo towns with a big range of the mountains and forest. There is a small town market with the pleasant look situated which is few km away from the Fóia. This place has surrounding like pine and oak forests of the hills that have a sedate life different from the beach resorts luxury lifestyles of Algarve property.

It is a place with cobbled streets going towards the hills, and you can spend a pleasant time in the afternoon. Monchique ruined in the 17th century by an earthquake in 1755 and there is still feeling that they are coming out from that disaster and returning to the actual natural beauty. Jet Ski Algarve

An ancient church in the Monchique has reserved in a good manner which built in the 16th century that’s why the church has its natural theme even after hundreds of years. You will see the true flavor of the life on the second Monday of the month as there is a tradition with smoked hams.

There are also some other festivals in the Monchique which held during the year as in March, there is a traditional sausage fair and you can enjoy a lot of dishes at this fair. These things increase the attraction of the town for the visitors.

It is also a spa town which is famous due to the sacred waters of the town that is thinking a curative and power to cure the diseases. There is a “love fountain” in the town the myth is that if you will drink water from there you will fall in love.

You can enjoy a range of therapies in the Caldas to soak the 31o C water for massage and steam treatment. There is a small park in the south of the town which is a site of mineral ore.